A passion for branding & fitness.

Serving the East Coast and beyond, Cara Gibson, MBA is fueling brands across the health, fitness, and wellness industries with new brand ideas, solutions, and social innovation. The team comes from experiences with global, award winning brands - and has turned those successes into solutions for small businesses looking to brand themselves different among their industry. From conception to completion, Gibson Group aids in personal branding, brand strategy, experience design, and advertising execution.



More than just marketing.


From conception to completion, aiding brands in every aspect of their business from business plans, brand design, brand strategy, website builds, and advertising.



Social Media, Digital Video & Blog Integration

CONTENT strategy & goals

Make your brand a thought-leader in its category. Blog strategy and integration can significantly alter your brand's perception among competitors at significantly low cost.

Tech Builds & Responsive Design

Desktop, tablet & mobile

Be sure your customers are able to experience your brand to the fullest across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. Know which devices your customers are using most often.


Brand Strategy

What does your brand convey?

Make your brand name and logo recognizable among your industry. Take your brand to the next level with a strategy that is sustainable with your long and short-term business objectives.

Business Development

grow, grow, grow

Get your business off the ground, or open up new locations- we have answers, solutions, ideas, and experience. Business development is crucial to any brand's success.


Agency Consulting

Beyond fitness brand marketing, Cara Gibson Marketing is one of several agency partners. The specialized agencies range from digital video specific to highly immersive tech experience specific, and from beauty brand specific to . Finding the right agency to catapult your brand is no longer a headache. 


techno pizza

Techno Pizza is a boutique creative agency, located in New Jersey, that specialized in digital video and immersive experience campaigns. The majority of their clients are in the beauty and personal care category. This digital creative team ensures that the creative direction and production of any digital project is eye catching and news worthy to clients and consumers.


Citro digital

Citro Digital is a team of highly-collaborative doers, located in Easton, PA, who are in everyone’s business. Each member of Citro is hand-picked because of their unique skill set, from analytical thinkers and master-coders, to detail-oriented editors and social experts. What they have in common is their desire to come together and think critically for the greater good of what matters most: the customers. 

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Tilden marketing

Tilden is a creative design innovation strategy agency studio collective loacted in NYC. Simply, they are a creative agency focused on working with smart, passionate, creative people on interesting and meaty challenges. They like to deep dive into brands, get dirty in the numbers and logistics and processes, re-imagine experiences and build IDs from scratch because the limit is never too far to push.